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Self Publishing plans & trade publishing contracts

Why self publish?

Writing can seem like an affliction sometimes rather than a blessing.  After spending months, even years writing a book, the first-time author can feel daunted at the prospect of getting into print.  Finding rejection letters from traditional publishers in your letterbox can leave you feeling demoralised and jaded.

With more people buying books online, self publishing through P.O.D (Print on Demand) has become a popular choice for authors who prefer self publishing to traditional trade publishing.  Because of technological advances, publishers can now format books much easier, printing them only when an order has been placed.  The advantages are momentous, as there are no more distribution or warehouse costs.  This is the reason why we can offer our self publishing services at such a reasonable cost.  We deal with the process, so that you can get on with writing your next book without the worry of digital formatting, cover design or formal and legal requirements.

“self publishing has never been so easy”

Based at Shakespeare House,  in the UK, we not only cater for UK authors but for US  ones also, along with Canadian and publishers weeklyAustralian writers, promoting books on each side of the pond and in Europe.  As well as our self publishing services we also accept submissions under trade publishing contracts. As writers ourselves, we get it-we understand the feelings of frustration, fear and that nagging worry that you won’t get into prin. We’re here to tell you you’re wrong, getting into print has never been easier.  Give us a call on + 44 01704 380617 or drop us a line at author@clockworkcontent.com

Offering affordable publishing for authors of all genres along with author websites and book cover design

Contact us for all inquiries and let us see if we can help you get your book published!

If you’re after a wider distribution for your book, our PRO Self Publishing Package may suit you better!

The Pro Plan gives all the same service as the standard self publishing package, but makes your book available to all the other distribution and retail outlets including insertion into the following catalogues/directories:
* Amazon;
* Barnes & Noble;
* Ingrams;
* Gardners;
* Waterstones;
* Libraries & Academic Institutions;
* Other retail outlets.

publisher testimonial“Clockwork Content does the best word formatting for the money.
They are very helpful and go the extra mile to market your book.
I recommend them highly.”

David Wise, author of ‘A Web of Guilt’, ’24 Traumatic Hours, Twice’, and ‘The Becoming’.

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